Queenshaven is a private home and does not receive a State subsidy.

Queenshaven is a private Home and does not receive a State subsidy.

Fund raising by volunteers is undertaken and amongst other activities, an annual sale of work is held once a year.  The Residents of the Village contribute by baking and making articles for sale and a morning is set aside with food stalls, arts and crafts, toys, tea garden etc. The money raised is used for the direct benefit of all Residents and not added to the operating budget.

Donations from private persons or corporate donors are tax deductible in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act. Accountability to donors or partners is ensured through monitoring and evaluation of projects funded by donors. Queenshaven has a number of opportunities for persons who wish to give their time, expertise or funds to meet a specific need.

Queenshaven is also involved in a community outreach programme in Moffatview, a sub-economic neighbourhood in the area. We run a food provision scheme and the elderly and children are served meals three times a week. We also perform home based care and transport folk from this village to hospital when needed, free of charge.